Friday, May 4, 2012

World's Finest Chocolate

They are mostly know for fundraising, but this company knows how to make chocolate like no other.  I have tried their "Continental Almonds" (chocolate covered almonds) - it is rich, creamy, smooth chocolate with a crunchy almond nut inside (wrapped in all that chocolate goodness).  Then, I tasted their "Deluxe Pecan Cluster" (aka, Turtles) and it is off the hook!  It tastes so good it will make you want to slap somebody.  The nuts were crunchy, the caramel is creamy, and the chocolate is rich.  It just doesn't get better than can't.  So, if you are in the Chicago land area, and you are a chocolate lover, you must check out "World's Finest Chocolate."  No disrespect to Fannie May Candies, I know their chocolate is excellent too.  (In fact, I say that their "Cashews Classic" is really good, off the charts) and who doesn't like their chocolate truffles?  C'mon!  But the world isn't big enough for WF and FM, and I must say, I really like WF's Turtles.

And so now I will need to scour South Central PA to find a comparable or better chocolate company. For now, I have a renewed taste and affection (for the confection) for Pecan Turtles or as WF calls it "Clusters."  My first stop will be Anstine's Sweet Shop in Red Lion, then I will need to check out Fitzkies Candy in York, too bad Wolfgang Chocolate closed down, that would have been a good one to check out.  Of course, there's always Stover and DeMet's - which isn't bad at all (at least they are generally accessible just about anywhere).  Anyway, more on this to follow for sure, but until then, WF has my vote as the best Pecan Clusters (Turtles) anywhere in the world.